This Course is for who?

This course includes the latest web/software development technology such as, HTML 5, CSS 3, JavaScript, jQuery, Bootstrap, PHP Programming, C# Programming, Object-Oriented Programming, ASP.NET MVC 5, Database, Microsoft .NET Framework, Microsoft Visual Studio 2015, Microsoft SQL Server 2014, Internet Information Server(IIS), Apache, MySQL and the final year project which will expose students to experience the development of industrial web/software application projects.

Besides, students will be equipped with the important soft skills, such as Project Management, Presentation skill and the knowledge of using Office Applications (Writer, Presentation and Spreadsheet applications).

This course is for those who want to become the future Software Engineer, Programmer, Web/Software Developer, Project Manager, System Analyst, System Tester and related application/game development jobs.

Requirements :

- at least grade D in English and Maths (SPM) or

- learners who failed in SPM but with a passion to learn programming (interview will be conducted)

Output / Result :

Students will be able to

  • create professional and beautiful websites using HTML 5 and CSS 3

  • create games / web applications using JavaScript and jQuery

  • use Bootstrap technology to create responsive and mobile-first website which automatically adjust its layout and sizes to look good on devices of all shapes

  • use PHP programming language and MySQL database to create web applications that allow user to login and manage data

  • use MS SQL to manage data and generate useful reports for the use of management level

  • use C# programming language to create console applications for the users to manage data

  • use Object-Oriented programming skill to create desktop applications that allow developers to easily manage and test the coding

  • use ASP.Net MVC and Entity Framework technology to create professional and highly efficient web applications that allow users to login, insert and update multiple rows of data, and delete data using Ajax technology

  • create industrial applications to manage complicated tasks and projects
Class Mode :

- Attending classes, tutorials and practical

- Presentation, submitting assignments & projects and pass the modular tests

- 5 days per week (except public holidays and buffer days after finishing every module)

- 9.30 AM to 4 PM (including 1 hour lunch break)- Some courses or activities will be conducted on Saturday (sometimes / once a month)